Two/Triangle Style

We had a little last minute change of plan on these lockers. As part of a big commission these were going to be decoupaged too, but there was a change of heart and the lockers are all the better for it. I’m absolutely in love with these myself and I’m certain the little girl who is getting them will too. I don’t really use geometric designs very often but I may very well be swayed to do some more in the future. And I’m in love with this colour combo. At least I’m not short of fab paint colours at the moment 🤣. Just looking at these is making me happy right now lol. So a run down of the colours.
@colourtrendpaints 🎨 Mucky Swan (Frame), Sin City (Yellow), Sari (Coral), Calmness (Dark Green), Lush Meadow (Light Green), Custom Mix (Light Pink).
As I was saying I dont use geometric designs very much. And I actually did really enjoy working on these lockers. The other day when I was in the middle of working on these I went to bed that night and actually dreamed a geometric design for a retro desk I have lol. I had no intentions of anything geometric for it but now I cant get the design out of my head. This actually happens me a lot where I dream of designs in my sleep that I dont think I would ever consider when I’m awake lol. Does this happen to anyone else?
I sprayed the wooden hardware on these lockers with a sparkly white gold. Keep an eye out for my upcoming video tutorials as one if them is going to be about Revamping hardware.

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