Floral Fancy

I have absolutely found my love for decoupage again. I used it so much in the beginning and then it has always been a big part of my workshops, I think I got a little bored with it. I havent even bought napkins in ages and for anyone that knows me they will be shocked by that news 😂😂😂. This is the 2nd set of a commission I’m working on so 1 set left to go and guess what…. it’s going to be more decoupage.
I’m finally going to sit down next week and think about doing a couple of videos. The main ones I have been thinking about doing are a decoupage tutorial and a glazing tutorial. I will see how it goes but at least I’m finally thinking about it so thats a start. I always stayed away from online videos mainly because I focused on real life workshops which personally I find is my niche. I love meeting people and spending the day teaching upcycling and always having the craic. Since i work alone i found the workshops just as important for me as anyone coming to them. I’m really looking forward to getting back on the road again, whenever that may be 🤞
I also woke up this morning and got dressed in my work clothes and headed out to the workshop. Turned on the radio and realised it was Saturday 😂😂. Now I know every day is the same right now but I’m still taking my weekends off. I promised myself to keep some sort of a routine so its house cleaning day instead 🤣 and then a big long 2km walk 🐩🐩 and definitely clothes that dont have paint on them. Its that kind of day 🤪
Have a great Saturday everyone cc
Colourtrend Paints 🎨 Vintage Silver

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