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The timing of this exciting news couldn’t be better. I am over the moon to announce that I am joining forces with Kollect Waste Management, Waterford in their fight to reach zero to landfill. From now on Furniture for sale from The Revamp Tramp will be provided by Kollect therefore saving it from going to landfill. Furniture will be revamped and advertised for sale as normal but for every piece sold 10% of the price will be going to a charity at the end of each year.

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Animal Magic

I am finally finished ūüėČūüėČ.
How funky is this dressing table now. I absolutely love animal print and so when Evelyn picked out this paper for her dressing table i just knew it was going to turn out fabulous. Again painted in my go to White from Colourtrend Paints ūüé®Mucky Swan. I realize i use a lot of words starting with F ūüėā. Anyhow thank F its Friday. Enjoy the bank holiday guys.

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Funky Furniture

This commission was just fantastic fun to do. The only criteria was the 2 colours but make it funky ūüėć. The minute I saw it I just couldnt get out of my head the fab 2 tone wood and how would it look if I recreated it with the paint. So of course I couldnt not try it ūüėāūüėā. And it turned out fantastic and most importantly the lovely owner loves it.

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A Cinderella Story

And that is a wrap for this week. How beautiful is this set of bedroom furniture. I was delighted to get to revamp it and now it gets too go home to a delighted little girl. Painted in Farrow and Ball ūüé®Peignoir and of course all the hardware looks brand spanking new from the metallic wax. Im going to take it easy this weekend as its my last weekend off for the next 5 weeks with workshops lol. Kilkenny, Waterford, Dublin and Wexford i will see you all soon @ Waterford, Ireland

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Disney Magic

I saw this vintage Disney wallpaper and I knew it was time to revamp a piece for the younger crew. This piece was given to me by a lady who held on to it for many years since it was handmade for her. Its a real sentimental piece and she didnt want to dump it but it was time for it to move on and I’m delighted that it gets a new lease of life for another girl or boy. And again just look at the wallpaper ‚̧‚̧‚̧
Will be available in my shop soon.

@ Waterford, Ireland

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Green Giant

I have changed my mind at least 50 times on what i was going to do with this locker/wardrobe. So I decided to go with the first colour that came into my head when I opened up the workshop yesterday ūüėāūüėā and Im pretty glad I did. When I was getting it ready yesterday I found a stamp on it registering the date it was made 1952. And still in perfect condition ‚̧‚̧. Will be available in the shop shortly.