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Pretty in Pink

It really is pure coincidence that this very pretty pink piece was finished today 😂❤❤. I’m a little obsessed with all things pretty this week. Not like me at all 😂😂. When this piece arrived it was missing a few original handles. Then I realised how many handles I have from old pieces so I decided to try out a little mix and match to finish off this shabby piece. No waste here 😂Colourtrend Paints Beag
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Country Cottage Chic

Very much like the wine racks you will find one of these monks benches in nearly ever home in Ireland. And they are just as much fun to revamp too. How pretty does it look now. The design criteria was for a country cottage chic look. The good news is i hit the nail right on the head for my client. ❤❤
Colourtrendpaints Delicate Duck Egg and Mucky Swan

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Little Boy Blue

This is a little revamp for my fab friend Sara who is expecting a little boy in a few weeks. These lockers are just perfect to upcycle. It’s such an easy and quick revamp and can literally be customised for anyone from Kids to Adults and i think it’s safe to say that nearly everyone has that spare locker just lying around 😂😂. If you would like to learn how to revamp something like this then there are still spaces available for my workshop on 11th March. For more info please fill out the contact form.

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Girls Only

The last few weeks I have seen a lot of stories regarding bloggers and social media influencers. Now without jumping on the bandwagon with my opinions about the whole saga, it actually made me realise how many people nowadays work from home, especially women. There are customer service jobs from home, bloggers, writers, graphic designers etc. As someone who also works from home I know how comforting it is to have lovely surroundings to work in. If you are now thinking “Just get to the point” well when I found this desk I straight away thought this is perfect for a real girlie office, especially if your office is in your home. I really didn’t want to use pink this time so finally I got to use a beautiful coral colour that I have wanted to use for a long time. I am in love with how it turned out and I think this piece would look beautiful in any girls office. (Even if I do say so myself lol)

Colourtrend Paints Sari and Porcelain Doll

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2018 Booking Now Open

Xmas is already only a memory so it’s back to work. I’m now taking BOOKINGS for February. So if you would love to Upstyle your bedroom furniture, Repurpose that old dressing table into a classy computer desk or Revamp that old dresser into a one off piece of art then get in touch. Just send me a photo and what you would like done to Or Email:
Don’t worry if you are not sure of what you would like done as I’m more than happy to help come up with some fabulous designs. xx

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Fit For a Princess

It’s safe to say this piece has been Shabby Chic’d to within an inch of its life . I’ve been dying do something unusual for a girls room for ages and when this wardrobe arrived it fit the bill perfectly. The original mirror wasn’t in good condition so I had to adapt a little with this free standing mirror and to be fair it could easily have been made to go with this piece. Colourtrend Paints Porcelain Doll, Beag and Fruit Crumble

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The Good Old Days

I picked this piece up for myself a while ago. And when I took out the drawer to paint I couldnt stop laughing 😂😂. Someone was trying hard to hide the fact they hated school and had sunburn 😂😂. I couldn’t bring myself to paint over them lol.  Colourtrend Paints Charge and General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze

Before Glazing
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Pink and Purple

Perhaps unsurprisingly I found this Sophie Conran wallpaper and fell in immediate love. Finally got to use it on something because there was no way I was gonna be allowed to put it on any walls in the house 😂😂😂.Colourtrend Paints Dressage

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More Wine Please 

Isn’t it a pity we didn’t know then what we know now. How many of us have thrown out all those Supervalu pieces 😂😂😂. Irish people will know what I’m talking about. I get a great buzz out of revamping these drinks cabinets. 🎨 Colourtrend Paints Kimono Red and Orange Ballad

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Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Now that #reuse17 is coming to an end I have a little surprise coming up. Firstly a huge thank you to St.Bridgets Shop in Waterford for helping me source furniture to use for all the demos. So to show my appreciation I am going to finish revamping all the pieces over the next while and am donating them back to the shop. So while the date and details are yet to be confirmed do keep an eye as we will be announcing a sale day for all these items in the shop. In the meantime here is a sneak previews of a few of the pieces. ❤