Pretty Perfect

This is part of a commission of 5 lockers and 3 beds. Working away on the lockers but will have to wait for the paint shop to reopen before the beds get the revamp 😪. I always get asked when Revamping lockers, chests etc to get new hardware and I always reply to let me revamp the hardware on the piece first and then decide if you want to spend the money on new hardware.
99% of the time no new hardware is needed. These were just the usual pine knobs but all they needed was a lick of paint to finish off the locker. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best 😉
Anyone who uses napkins for decoupage knows how finicky and frustrating it can be to get them right 😂
Knowing this I still went ahead and attempted to use the border on the napkin and try and get it straight right through the 3 drawers and guess what … it went perfectly first time 🤣Thankfully because my patience isnt working to its full extent at the moment lol. It actually feels like forever since I got to do napkin decoupage and i am sooo enjoying it all over again.
Anyone interested in decoupage, where to start and what materials to use then why not join my group on Facebook
The Revamp Tramps Workshop
There are loads of ideas, tips and tricks and loads of lovely people waiting to help with any upcycling queries. It’s a great place to show off your current projects or even look for inspiration for colours, designs etc..
@ColourtrendPaints 🎨Mucky Swan

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