Jungle Fever

A jungle fun themed locker for a bathroom makeover. I actually love revamping lockers because they are always the best pieces for some napkin decoupage and I do love my napkins 🤣. I got a can of Rustoleum 🎨Coloured Metallic Pink recently so expect many many bright pink handles and knobs 😉
How is everyone coping at the moment? It was all going great until I ran out of some necessary materials so i am having to improvise a little at the moment. I have some commissions in that i have half finished but cant finish now because I need paint 😂. Even with the 40 odd tins I have already I still need more 🎨
Nevertheless I still have plenty of painting to keep me occupied and I definitely have enough napkins for decoupage to last me until I’m 80 😂😂
This was actually another piece from the @kollect.ie delivery. There were 3 chests and 1 locker. I kind of forgot about the locker because the workshop got so full it ended up hidden behind bigger pieces. This was pine before the revamp and again I have to reiterate that pieces like this do not belong in landfill. This took me one day to revamp. Cleaned, primed, painted, decoupaged and new hardware sprayed and put back on. A lot of us have that time on our hands now and definitely have a locker that could do with a little makeover. Feel free to get in touch if you would like help on taking the first steps to give something a little revamp. .
@colourtrendpaints 🎨Plunge and 🎨Green Column

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