Not Too Shabby

And here is the newly revamped bedroom set. Shabby chic’d within an inch of its life 👌 More glaze again 😊. I really need to do a glaze demo 🙈
I must admit the bed took the good out of me a few times. Stubborn me refuses to tape up and much prefers to paint freehand lines. Then I get frustrated when it wont go my way and i have no one to blame only myself 😂😂 Of course I will learn no lesson here at all. I somehow forgot to take the before pics for the lockers which is unusual for me as I have a sign up in my workshop to remind me 😂😂
I cant believe how productive I’ve been this week. Just makes me realise how much I normally procrastinate when I can head off to the diy/paint shops and chat for half the day 😂😂🙈

🎨 Temperance (White) 🎨 Genesis (Grey)

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