Black Beauty

The first time I ever upcycled furniture was over 10 years ago. Moved into new house with loads of furniture and even then I hated seeing it go to waste so I painted everything in the bedroom black and I loved it. And i still adore black furniture (and clothes πŸ˜‚). Its very seldom anyone asks for black but when they do you just know it’s going to look class. I cannot recommended enough @colourtrendpaints 🎨 Dressage Black. It is without a doubt my go to black and yes I promise there is a difference in blacks lol. The same as there are about 10 million diff Whites πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ (slight exaggeration)
Anyhow a big Happy Friday to you all now c’mon Sun 🌞 I see you struggling.

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