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Clean Before you Run

This has always driven me crazy about how certain paint companies make it seem like you just open the tin, get your brush and off you go. The first picture is after I washed down the piece with methylated spirits to get the surface dirt off. The second picture is after I scrubbed thoroughly with sugar soap (pic 3 is just from that small area). Very old pieces like these most often will have come from houses where people smoked but because it’s a progressive ingrained stain over many years, it can look to people that it is just now the colour of the wood. Always double check old furniture when cleaning otherwise you are wasting your time painting it 🙂

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Lady In Red

I feel like it has been forever since I painted something red. But the minute this piece arrived into the workshop it was earmarked for red no matter what, and i think its sage to say it paid off. This will also be available in my Facebook shop in next day or two. In the meantime if you are interested in buying this piece just fill out the Contact Form

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Stay Classy

My 2 favourite classic colours. I’m certain you all know by now that @colourtrendpaints 🎨Mucky Swan is my go to White and 🎨Dressage is my go to Black. This is the first time I’ve used both together but they are just fabulous. This is a big transformation from that dark old fashioned brown.