How Do You Like Me Now

These dark sideboards were a staple of Irish homes for many years. Like a lot of things, they didn’t date very well and the darkness if them certainly didn’t help either. But if you have one and are finally thinking it’s time ro get rid and brighten up that space, then rethink the colour and not a new piece of furniture. How georgous has this one turned out. I always get a feeling with colours, amd this feeling is one of real calm and happiness. Who doesn’t want that in their home 😊. Now enough with the deep feelings today😄, it’s time for the weekend. Or in my case up to Big Smoke tomorrow for a workshop In @rediscoveryctr. Can’t wait, it’s been a while 👌

Paint – @farrowandball 🎨 Green Smoke
@colourtrendpaints 🎨 Unveiled
Rollers – @twofussyblokes @butleranddunne
Brushes – @harrisbrushes_uk
Hardware – @montanacans_irl 🎨 Matt Black

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