Second Chances

I did say once I had my staging area up I’d bombard with photos. I used gold leaf on this piece and it stands out so beautifully. I am definitely going to start adding this into my workshops in future.
This was a piece delivered to me by Kollect as part of a collaboration to stop so much furniture going to landfill. When you see what can be done to a plain pine chest of drawers you really need to have a good second think about the furniture you are throwing out, especially if it’s in good condition and still functional. This piece is sold already with 10% of all proceeds from Kollect furniture going to a charity. I’ll have another one finished next week and it was the same chest but will be completely different to this one.
Colours used f&b Hague Blue, Custom Green mix from Colourtrend and my all time go to white 🎨Mucky Swan from Colourtrend.

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