Animal Crazy

I always come up with a plan for a piece of furniture even if it takes ages, but this piece has just eluded me over the past 7-8 months 🙈. I just could not decide what to do with it and I really didn’t want to go into 2020 with it still waiting so i said “feck it” and decided to go crazy and do all the things i wanted to do throughout the year in one go 😂
☑️Paint red and pink stripes (Dying to do this colour combo for ages)
☑️Paint something Silver
☑️Handpaint some animal print
☑️Use Colourtrend Paints 🎨Atlantic Wave (A colour i have wanted to use for a long time)
I must admit i laughed a lot to myself on this revamp and wondering more than once “what the hell am i doing” 😂😂
In the end though i have fallen for it big time 😍

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