Two Fussy Lockers

So after using my @twofussyblokes rollers which were kindly gifted to me by @butleranddunne i can safely say I’m a convert. Having used them for a week now on walls and furniture there were a few things that struck me about these sleeves. They wash fantastically. This is important to me as when I run workshops I come home and wash all my rollers and brushes to be used again. I’m very conscious about doing my bit for the environment so I use only water based products so that I can reuse my sleeves and brushes until they are not unusable anymore. Anyone that has used these sleeves knows how well they apply paint. You need to try them, only then will you realise they have been missing from your life since the beginning of painting 😂. A massive plus also is the packaging they come in. Paper packaging is the future and this is a fantastic bonus for me as I have decided to stock up on these for all my future workshops from here on. So I cant wait for all the lovely people attending my future workshops to try these too.
Anyhow sorry for the long winded review but I don’t normally get that excited over rollers lol. These lockers were totally inspired by #carolinedonnellyeclectic and will be for sale soon. Have a smashing weekend everyone xxx
Colourtrend Paints 🎨 Romantic Night (red) Roman Ruins (beige) Dragonfly Wing (blue) @ Waterford, Ireland

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