More Wine Please 

Isn’t it a pity we didn’t know then what we know now. How many of us have thrown out all those Supervalu pieces 😂😂😂. Irish people will know what I’m talking about. I get a great buzz out of revamping these drinks cabinets. 🎨 Colourtrend Paints Kimono Red and Orange Ballad

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  1. I have 2 of these – both scavenged from a Facebook Buy & Sell page…also, both are empty 🙂


  2. V says:

    Hi! I’ve one of these i’d Like to makeover and I’m wondering if you have any tips?


    1. therevamptramp says:

      Hi V. A few tips for you. I took them completely apart before i started. Much easier to paint each piece and especially if you want more than one colour. Use a good primer ( I use Zinnser Bullseye). Leave it to dry for a 3-4 days before putting back together. Best of look 🙂


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