Repeat, Repeat, Repeat 

There is no better compliment of your work than repeat customers. And also there is nothing more satisfying than getting rid of pine. So as you can imagine this project was extremely rewarding for me. This piece was to match a table and chairs I revamped a little while ago and while my client wanted to use all 4 colours i felt using some of the colours in a more subtle way worked best. I love looking at before and after pictures of Pine. 


Table and Chairs

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  1. Tina Charles says:

    I follow you on Facebook and regularly check in on your website. I love your work. I am looking for a dresser and table and chairs just like you have posted here at the moment from repeat business. I have seen some on Done Deal but I would prefer to go into a shop and buy! Am looking up antique shops and yards at the moment. Could you give me an idea as to the cost of having these items painted please.
    Many thanks.
    Tina Charles.


  2. My sitting room is painted salter stone and I’m looking for a color that will complement it for my pine furniture, that I want to revamp can, you help please?


    1. therevamptramp says:

      Hi Caroline. Sorry for the late reply I was away for the weekend. If you are painting your sitting room furniture I would use a colour that is very neutral.That way if you decide to change the wall colour at any stage the painted furniture will still work. The best choice of colour is one that is both neutral and will compliment the wall. I would definitely choose a white shade. One colour is willow white which is also from the historic collection. Hope this helps 😉


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