Everyone needs a little red in their life 

This newly revamped hall table certainly isnt a wallflower piece. This is made to catch your eye the second you walk in the door. There is just something about using red paint on furniture. It’s the one colour that I love but I don’t get to use all that often. More red please 😉

Makes me want to write with a pen. 

Writing Bureaus are popping up all over the place these days. And there is no denying they are a beautiful piece of furniture in their original state but they can be even more fabolous when revamped. I really really want one for myself even if it’s only for writing xmas cards at once a year…

A Little of This and a Bit of That

Sometimes you just have to go all out. So when my client arrived with this piece she really wasn’t sure what she would like done. So we came up with the plan that she would pick 7 napkins out of my vast collection. They had to be ones she really did like and not because…

The Classic Upcycle

When you have found the perfect table and chairs for the dining room, but there is just one problem. You hate the colour. This is a perfect example of how upcycling and recycling works so well. It would be heart breaking to see such fabulous well made furniture go to waste.  After