Girls Only

The last few weeks I have seen a lot of stories regarding bloggers and social media influencers. Now without jumping on the bandwagon with my opinions about the whole saga, it actually made me realise how many people nowadays work from home, especially women. There are customer service jobs from home, bloggers, writers, graphic designers etc. As someone who also works from home I know how comforting it is to have lovely surroundings to work in. If you are now thinking “Just get to the point” well when I found this desk I straight away thought this is perfect for a real girlie office, especially if your office is in your home. I really didn’t want to use pink this time so finally I got to use a beautiful coral colour that I have wanted to use for a long time. I am in love with how it turned out and I think this piece would look beautiful in any girls office. (Even if I do say so myself lol)

Colourtrend Paints Sari and Porcelain Doll

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