It Started With A Colour

When I got this piece I just couldn’t get the colour red out of my head. I just knew this was the colour it had to be, so i went ahead and started painting and just kept going with no other plan. From there ill be honest i pretty much winged it. 

So I painted it chuckles red from Colourtrend Paints, then I decided to distress it with a sanding block and then I went further and used General Finishes Pitch Black glaze to finish. Look at the pic below to see the difference step by step. 

             Glazed      Distressed     Painted

I had my prints for the doors ready but I felt they were too new looking and bright. So a really useful trick for aging a print is coffee. Yes just a spoon of coffee, hot water and just give a light brush over your print and leave to dry. 

Before                              After


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