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Is there anything more fun than designing a piece of furniture for a kids room 😁. If you haven’t already guessed this chest is based on the Marvel Universe, I even got a spiders web added in on the mirror 🤣👌. I’m thinking this will go down very well when it gets home 😉

All Colourtrend Paints
🎨 Peacock Blue (Navy)
🎨Milk Teeth (White)
🎨Yellow Umbrella (Yellow)
🎨Tropical Heat (Red)
🎨Aquadazzle (Green)

🎨Royal Velvet (Purple)

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All Dressed Up

And another commission finished. This is a stunner of a dressing table, but definitely needed a little tlc and brightening up. Unfortunately the mirror had seen better days, although don’t ever be put off if you see a beautiful old dressing table where the mirror is unusable. There are ways around everything and a standalone mirror can work just as well. Evertime I see feet like this I just have a compulsion to make them gold.
Painted in a custom mix of Colourtrend Paints

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Only Boys Allowed

I’m on a roll this week 😂. This bedroom set is for a little boys room, and the colour combo of green and yellow is just georgous. Of course as usual the hardware got a revamp of little decoupage stars just to finish it all off. I’m actually unbelievably productive this week, in between all the workshop stuff I’ve also being revamping my kitchen cupboards in between (keep an eye for the before and after soon 😉)
Onto another dresser next and then a fab antique dressing table that just arrived in today 👌

Painted in Colourtrend Paints
🎨Yellow Umbrella

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Bedroom Mix

This fab bedroom set is all finished. I love the two tone set and the colours compliment each other beautifully. Did you know with all commissions I provide a full colour and design consultant for free if requested. I always want to make sure that you have the colours that are perfect for both your house and personality. After all its you that will look at these pieces on a daily basis 😉. All hardware was reused here too, just a little spruce up with wax and glaze to match them up on all pieces.

Colourtrend Paints
🎨Parsons Stone
🎨Midnight Magic

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Beauty in Pain

This beautiful rustic pine dresser was a real labour of love. Its hard to even think now that the original plan was a beige colour. This was also my most injury prone work yet . I’m already working with an injured finger, then add in many splinters, a hammered thumb and then finally…… chicken wire is absolutely no ones friend to work with. It actually hurts typing this. Obviously though all the pain was totally worth it in the end.
Painted in Vardo by @farrowandball and Pitch Black glaze by @generalfinishes and all new chicken wire panels by The Pain Company 😉.


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Earthy Dining

Another commission finished this week. How bright and calm do these table and chairs look now. Originally we were going with 2 colours for the set @colourtrendpaints 🎨Old Bone and Mucky Swan but shur you know me I had to reccommend that 3rd colour 😂😂 🎨 Everlasting Sage. Just the 2 chairs in the green but really sets the whole set off with a mellow pop of colour
You are going to be seeing a lot of table and chairs makeover photos the next while because that’s all I’m working on at the moment 😂😂😂. Dont worry there will be sideboards galore mixed in too. I could really do with employing someone 😂😂

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White Ice

Sometimes you look at furniture and think to yourself why was it not always this colour to begin with 😍. This bedroom set looks a million dollars now compared to the before. Such a simple colour change makes the world of difference. My client wanted new crystal knobs and I must say they really set the finish off.
@colourtrendpaints 🎨 Temperance
@twofussyblokes Rollers
@zinsser Bullseye Primer
@harrisbrushes_uk Paint Brush
@ Waterford, Ireland

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Cute as a Red Button

I know cute is probably not a word you would use on something that has been distressed to within an inch of its life 😂😂 but I just can’t deal with how cute this little chest of drawers turned out. As always I gave the current hardware a little red revamp and they just finish the piece off beautifully.

@colourtrendpaints 🎨 Vintage Silver and 🎨Siren
Next week I am booked up for commissions but after the 18th May I’m am crazy booked and probably wont be able to take anymore bookings until end of June I think. Not a bad complaint though 👌
Hopefully I will soon have some updates on when I can start back workshops too 🤞

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Reloving in Lockdown

It’s been ages since I revamped a table and chairs and to be fair I’ve been at this one for what seems like ages 🙈. I will never take having the paint shop across the road for granted again, It’s just not the same ordering on line 😪. Its fair to say this table and chairs were definitely in need of some serious tlc and all the hard work has definitely been worth it. @Colourtrendpaints 🎨Porcelain Doll Its probably one of the projects I have wanted to do since I began this business and that was to revamp a table and chairs that wasnt a commission. I wanted to go totally mad with a set but just never got around to sourcing any, but finally I’m after getting a table and chairs. Watch this space, they wont be for the faint hearted 😂😂😂