Now That’s What You Call a Revamp

Eeeek. Could this be one of my favourite makeovers 😍😍. A mismatched table and chairs from the charity shop. Now a beautiful set for a beautiful home. I know im like a broken record but charity shops really can be your best friend when it comes to furniture. Oh and some time and patience too…

Revamp Land

I just loved revamping this piece last week. It almost gives me an Alice in Wonderland vibe. This was a charity shop find by my client. Its fantastic to remember you can have a piece of furniture in any colour or design you could want. Just never forget the lure of the charity shops 😉

Losing the Marbles

I really love revamps like this. The huge change in pieces like this still amaze me. As usual painted using Colourtrend Paints but my first time using 🎨Thresher and it is just a stunning colour. What a great way to cover over the marble by decoupaging with wallpaper. It really finishes the piece off beautifully….